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Seahawks vs. Panthers: Pro Football Focus Signature Stats notes

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To preview the Seahawks' matchup with the Panthers on Sunday, our friend from Pro Football Focus, Jim Seki, sent over some notes on a few signature stats. Here's what Jim had to say (and follow him on twitter).

Signature Stats:

-- In five games against Carolina, 37 of Russell Wilson's 131 attempts have been thrown between the numbers within nine yards of the LOS (line of scrimmage). Beyond ten yards, he's 32 of 47 (68.09%) for 719 yards, 5 touchdowns to 1 interception.

-- Historically speaking, Marshawn Lynch averages 2.51 yards after contact per attempt against Carolina. Of 83 rush attempts, 16 have gone between LG/C (most) followed by RG/RT (15).

-- Earlier this year, the Seahawks only blitzed Cam Newton on 17.5% of pass plays, the lowest rate in their five meetings during the RWE (Russell Wilson Era). In his career, Newton averages about 2.9 seconds until he throws and while he averages 2.62 seconds against the Seattle blitz, it's the trend that's more telling:

2012 - 2.76

2013 - 2.69

2014 - 2.64, 2.51

2015 - 2.48

-- Panthers TE Greg Olsen has one TD, an INT allowed and three drops on 31 total targets when facing the Seattle defense. He has 17 total drops since 2012, so Seattle accounting for three of those definitely raises an eyebrow. Nine of his targets have been on "go" routes, where he's made five receptions averaging 26.0 yards/catch.

-- This game features the second and third-best CBs in terms of yards/coverage snap allowed. Panthers' Josh Norman allows 0.66 while Richard Sherman isn't far behind at 0.71. In Seattle games, Norman's been targeted 13 times, allowing 10 receptions for 70 yards 0 TD, 1 INT.


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