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Seahawks end of year pressers with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to reporters for the final time for the 2015 NFL season. I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Today is a tough day, coming off the loss in Carolina. Very disappointed about the outcome of the game, the way it came down. Obviously disappointed about the fact they jumped out on us. Were able to regain a shot at the game but it was too late. Interesting start in that it was almost like it was chaos. All things were happening in all different directions. For them to break a big play like that, that was the one explosive run they had in the day, we just haven't seen many things happen like that in the past. And then to turn the ball over and it turn into a score doesn't happen is so rare that it happens. Those are the kinds of plays that give a team the advantage that they can jump on. We made it as hard as we could possibly make it.

  • By the time we got right we were able to stop them, maybe they felt like they didn't have to score but we think they were trying. We were able to stop them and get back in the game almost. We come out of the game with an interesting mentality, we realize that we were capable of playing with them, we could have given ourselves a chance to win the football game if we had gotten our act together earlier.

  • The players understand this is a season we didn't quite capture all the opportunities that were there. There is a lot of future, a big upside for us. Richard Sherman said last night this is a very young club, we have leadership and big time players and leadership in the QB position -- which is rare -- and a connection on defense. Going into this off-season it gives us a hope that we will do something very special in the future. More than you might think, everybody left here thinking let's have a great off-season and get this thing cranked up. Feel pretty fortunate going into this off-season pretty healthy, lots of guys that don't need to have surgeries. Will know more in the next couple days after the exit-physicals. This playoff loss feels somewhat reminiscent of the coming out of the 2012 Atlanta loss.

  • When you look back Pete thinks we had 11 offensive plays when it was 31-0. Doesn't know how that can happen but it did. Every opportunity we had was crucial. Any one of those drives were opportunities.

  • Unfortunately we didn't read the Jonathan Stewart run play well at the linebacker spot (they put in a new wrinkle). Earl Thomas came up to make the tackle for a 7-8 yard gain like we normally do, and he slipped and fell. That is a normal nice play for them, you tackle them and go on. We are so consistent at that that it really jumps out at you when that happens. That was their one explosive run the whole game. They rushed 80 yards after that in 40 rushing attempts. It hurt because the field shifted. We had a great opportunity because the next play Bennett knocks the ball on the ground but it gets kicked around and they get the ball back. Could have been significant.

  • On the interception, we were rushed and Russell Wilson got a flash of Marshawn checking down and it just didn't hit right and it goes right to the LB for a TD. It didn't wreck us for the day but it made it really difficult and they were too good for us to get back in it.

  • It was big time to have so many 12s along the bus route coming back to the VMAC after the loss. They were saying thank you for the season. Players and coaches wanted to give it right back to them and felt bad we couldn't with a win.

  • Pete said he didn't acknowledge the Super Bowl hangover because he was trying to not bring it to light more than he had to. Was working with it the whole time, this was no surprise. Continue to remind this is the same bulk issue you have to deal with when you win too. You have distractions when you win. We have been through it. Actively working to clear the minds and focus, took a while. Individual guys and coaches have to make it through it, otherwise you are distracted and your performance comes out less than everything you have and that is why you saw games like that. Exciting part is our team knows that. Think we are moving ahead from a very good starting point this time.

  • Really like our team, there is some stuff, there is always stuff (personnel wise) but Pete really likes our team. Really likes the balance of our team, the youth, the attitude, the mentality, the toughness, but need more competition in a number of spots and that will be addressed in the draft and putting the roster together will due. Unable to talk about individual guys today.

  • We have issues like we do every season. Difficult decisions will need to be made in hopes of making our roster more competitive. Lots of young guys on this roster right now that you don't know a lot about but they have a chance to really push guys that are on our team right now. Exciting group of young athletes, their speed and mentality and stuff, chance to give us a boost. Then there is the draft and whatever else we can fit in and then we will come back and try to make this the most competitive camp we have ever had. See what that leaves us with, thinks that will leave us with a pretty strong group. But we have areas we want to work on for sure.

  • It will be great to have Thomas Rawls back. He has a great attitude, he is a great kid. Will be really fun to put him back out there and see what he does. Now we know what we have so we will be even more excited. Has plenty of time to recover. He is confident he will get it done.

  • Think it was hard for Kam Chancellor to endure the starting part of camp during the regular season. Playing a lot of plays too, usually you can ease into that. It is more taxing on your body. His attitude was really good and his body handled it well, but he had to endure that, it is very taxing on his body.

  • Think the O-line is still a work in progress. Don't think we have nailed it yet. This needs to be a really competitive spot again. Were gonna work really hard to build it up. We weren't consistent enough for the course of the season. We found a real good rhythm but we can't start and go through that again. We don't want to experience that again if we can avoid it. Think that will be a real area of focus again. We'll be talking about it, we have a couple UFA there and have to see how that works out. But we are young and athletic and we do like our guys. Does like that Mark Glowinski got a chance to play. Gonna be exciting. A really important area for us of course.

  • Patrick Lewis did a nice job, a solid job all throughout. His comfort with the spot helped us. Didn't need him to be the best center in the NFL just needed him to be a solid guy, he contributed to it and became a very good part of it. Pete is really excited about what Kristjan Sokoli can do. He is a transition guy. Decided to not force the issue with him and make him play, he needs another whole year to get through his. He is an exceptional athlete. Want to see him play center, see how he does there as he grows through it, see how much ground he can make up. If he winds up playing center we'll have one of the really good athletes at center, he is fast, quick and athletic. The transition is more than just sticking him out there, we did that with J.R. Sweezy and that was hard on him.

  • Jimmy Graham's recovery sounds really good. He is happy to be off the crutches. He is getting going. Very dedicated to the process of it, he is doing some really cool innovative things, all the stuff you could possibly do to get well. He is in Florida doing his stuff. He is such a great athlete, he is dedicated to it, it matters to the enth degree to him that he does it well and properly. Think we will get a real shot to get him back. No timeline though.

  • Couldn't be more excited about Russell and the passing game. Made so much progress is such crucial areas. If we can come back and be anywhere near that efficiency in the red zone, third down, targeted our receivers with a high level of accuracy, getting Jimmy and Paul Richardson back, that is a real boost to us. Excited about it. Can go down the field if we have to, we can throw the ball really quick, all kinds of stuff. Russell showed all the things we'd hope to see in really consistent fashion this year. Had a huge game yesterday to get us back in the game. When asked what if he had to throw the ball a lot what would happen? Well he threw the ball almost 50 times yesterday and he did a great job. The more we got into it the better he was.

  • Russell and Pete talked last night that this is the right time to turn his focus and broaden his awareness of what is going on in the game overall. Russell and Pete will spend a lot of time in the off-season introducing him to the perspective of what it is like to look at the defense from the defensive side of the ball. Want him to learn and understand what is going on schematically, rotation-wise, fits-wise, even more than he knows now.

  • Talked about the same thing with Earl Thomas; Earl needs to go to the other side of the ball and learn. Earl also wants to learn even more in depth on what is going on upfront. These guys have been around long enough now that it is time to take them to all of the avenues to understand the game. It will broaden their horizons, it'll allow them to understand more-so. It will allow them to make declarations and decisions more quickly because they will understand schematically even more so. So were going to school. Will be a tremendous off-season for our guys and they are ready for that.

  • Difference between their normal study and this is there is a difference between looking at it in what the offense needs to know and a difference in looking at what the defense is doing. Wants them to understand the other side in greater depth. Those guys in particular, other guys will go along with that, but those guys in particular are guys that love to study the game and want to know everything. Can only take in so much but it is time for these guys to really dig in. They are like settings, being QB and FS. Sherman wants to go along to, continue to just grow and expand so they can understand the game to the full extent.

  • Don't think Marshawn Lynch is 100% at this time but he certainly made it back where he could play and contribute. Just didn't get enough opportunities.

  • Kam's holdout had an effect on the team only in terms of continuity and communication early. In general there is a fine tuning to the relationship and communication and awareness and you have to be together for that. Marveled at how quickly Kam's focus was turned into his team.

  • In general the guys that have been with us and helped us be the team we have become, we want them back. We want our guys to come, we like our team, we like how they contribute and fit it and the depth we have. Bruce Irvin is certainly one of those guys, there are a number of guys. We like our team. We like the guys we have. That doesn't mean they have their jobs forever, we make it competitive and they have to hold other guys off. Starting from that perspective, want to keep these guys together as much as we possibly can.

  • "I'm in great shape, thanks for asking" when asked about getting something done with his (Pete's) contract.

  • Thinks Tyler Lockett is a really really exceptional football player. He demonstrated that. He had a great football season. He is an impact, he is a Pro Bowl, he is an All Pro returner that can make things happen from the receiver spot where we are just getting things going with him. Think he can be a go-to guy in the system where it just makes it that much more valuable where you have another guy to deal with along with Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse and all of our guys. Think he is a fantastic prospect. Don't know if there is a ceiling to limit him. Exciting guy to have on our team.

  • Not sure if anyone will need surgery, haven't met with the doctors.

  • Russell Okung has been a great factor on our team. Really sick to see him get hurt during the game. Very unusual accident that happened. He has been a leader, stellar for years. Really consistent. Been a great kid.

  • Mike Bennett is one of a kind. Really admire Mike. Admire him for his heart, he has a great heart. He cares so much about playing at a high level and cares for his teammates so much. And yet he is having all the fun you could possibly have. Really admire the guy. So consistent throughout the season. Great to see he got better physically during the year. His toe that always gives him problems improved here at the end, goes into the off-season the best he has done in years. Amazing kid with a great mind, a lot of fun.

  • Gotta figure Justin Britt out, good he can play guard and tackle (when asked about keeping Britt at LG).

  • Thought Jermaine Kearse had a great game yesterday. Continues in the big game settings to make big games happen. Has a knack for being in the right place to make a special play, and they aren't easy, the touchdown he makes with the first one, and the other one is tipped. The best catch of the day was on the sidelines. He is a terrific player. Don't know if other people appreciate him like we do, we love him in our system, we'd love for him to stay with us.

  • It is those guys he is talking about (when asked earlier about impact young guys Pete is excited about who we might not know well yet), some of those the DBs and guys we have in the program, the young receivers we have, to see Kevin Smith jump up and Kasen Williams join in, participate and help us. They come back to camp with a whole new perspective, and an elevated sense in how they can help our team. Really exciting players. Never got a chance to get Mohammad Seisay going but we liked what we saw when he was here. We get Tharold Simon back, a lot of guys coming back to us that will really make it a very very competitive go around when we come back to camp.

  • Would love to have Christine Michael come back. Hopefully we can keep him.

  • Would like to think guys because they have been coached by us know our stuff, are well schooled. (In regards to CBs grown in the program compared to guys coming from different schemes). Know we have a number of corners, George Farmer -- that you haven't seen -- is a nice player for us. Guys to work at the spot that have a real future. They have been indoctrinated now, they now gotta come back and utilize the skills and get into some good competitive opportunities. Sherman has already talked about getting those guys together and make sure they are keeping their skills going through the off-season and doing some special things, cause as you can see it is a real young nucleus of guys that can be a factor for us. Good group Pete thinks.

Russell Wilson:

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  • The next season begins today. It's a new day so you look forward to the next opportunity you have. No such thing as an off-season. Excited about that, about the team, players we have and the guys coming back. Gonna have a great team for a long time.

  • Huge process to grow daily. Very important process. Have to self reflect and build on what you have already and what you want to work on. Continue to grow as a man and football player.

  • Feels great physically (in regards to hits he's taken). No worries, had his exit physical today. Will take a couple of weeks chill time then get going again.

  • Marshawn is a phenomenal football player. Guy that has been a great leader in terms of his physical nature on the football field and his approach to the game. One of the greatest running backs to play.

  • This season was definitely a journey. Thought we had a great year but not good enough. Had an opportunity to do something really really special but we came a little bit short. Smile about looking at the upcoming opportunity. Can't be upset about the adversity we faced. Was one of Russell's most fun years because of the growth and journey.

  • The sky is no limit for the offense. The ability we have and the guys coming back, just the things we were able to do in the second half of the season. Took a second to get into that flow state, been saying all year we were just one-to-two plays away. Get ecstatic about the opportunities down the road, but all of that is potential. Think that we showed it obviously, but gotta put the work in this off-season to make that potential reality. Thinks Coach Bevell did a tremendous job calling the plays this year. Really put us all in a great position to succeed.

  • Offseason goal is to win. To win at everything (off-season training, personal life, anything he tries to do, winning mind-set).

  • First step is to continue to grow intellectually of the game, continue to master that part of it. Continue to work on that craft. When you really mentally grasp the game of football it slows down. That happened this year.

  • From his rookie year to his second, from his second to his third, from his third to his fourth he has exponentially grown. Tribute to Coach Bevell who has really really helped Russell a lot, Coach Carl Smith (QB Coach) too. Those two guys have been significant parts of Russell's success.

  • Won't say where the team trip to train will be this off-season (last year was in Hawaii).

Relevant Tweets:

  • @bcondotta ... Jon Ryan, who completed a six-year contract on Sunday, said he hopes to stay with Seahawks. ...

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Thomas Rawls was back in the locker room today. Said he expects to be out of cast in next few weeks and fully expects to be ready for season

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Tharold Simon said he's still rehabbing from his toe surgery but should be ready for the off-season.

  • @dannyoneil If the #Seahawks come within $3 million to $5 million of the total contract another team offered, his desire to stay in Seattle figures in. Just to clarify, $3 million to $5 million is NOT the salary range that Bruce Irvin is looking for.

  • @SheilKapadia Bruce Irvin: "I would definitely come back if [Seahawks] matched or if it was a little less." Said Carroll/Schneider asked him that ? today.

  • @bcondotta Thomas Rawls on if there's any question he'll be ready for next season: "No, no, no. I'll be ready.''

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Jeremy Lane said he's looking forward to chance at free agency. Believes he's put four good years on tape to prove himself.

  • @StacyRost Bruce Irvin said he'd be open to taking a bit less to stay with Seahawks: "I'm established here. These are my brothers." "I honestly can't even imagine myself playing with anybody else. Being in a different meeting room... it's just crazy to me."

  • @scohenPI Seahawks sign a bunch of players to future's deals: FB Brandon Cottom, DB George Farmer, WR Deshon Fox, WR Antwan Goodley, DT Justin Hamilton, DB Stanley Jean-Baptiste, WR Douglas McNeil, C Drew Nowak, DE Will Pericak (assumed typo, should be C), DB Trovon Reed, DB Robert Smith, DE DeAngelo Tyson.

  • @FieldGulls Seahawks had already signed a few guys to futures deals over the last few weeks: QB Phillip Sims, LS Andrew East, TE Ronnie Shields

  • @scohenPI Article: Seahawks RB Thomas Rawls wants to be 'Superman' for hometown of Flint

My Thoughts:

  • The Bruce Irvin talk to me is nice to hear, you wouldn't want to hear anything else, but in my opinion it is way too soon to get any hopes up. Realize that right now he is extremely emotional, he is at the peak of closeness with his brothers (teammates) and the coaches and all of that. He is in the thick of it. But he is about to go home (to ATL) and be alone for months, with only really his agent in his ear. So months from now when he gets an offer sheet from some other team for $24mil over 4 years ($6mil a year) and then gets Seattle's, which is $3mil overall less ($21mil a year for 4 years; $5.25mil a year) is he really gonna sign with us? What if we don't/can't even offer him that much? $19mil or $20mil a year? He will be at his most disconnected from his teammates, the staff, the Seattle area at the point he makes this decision. Gotta factor that in.

  • The Jeremy Lane talk is not surprising but unfortunate. However he is no Maxwell, and it is also possible Maxwell's performance in Philly might slow the roll of other teams' GMs in trying to take a Seattle CB and start him as their CB1. He has a long injury history I believe unlike Maxwell, I am okay with him testing FA and us having a shot at getting him back (if we want that).

  • I am not sure we will see Jon Ryan get re-signed. The top 7 punters salaries in 2016 are $2.5mil-$3.6mil a year and if there is a Punter our FO likes in the draft (or UDFA) you gotta imagine that is a spot they can save $1mil+ a year at while also going younger and having multiple years of cheap club control. Don't get me wrong I'd hate to see Jon Ryan leave, but that popped up in my head today.

  • We have a long off-season to discuss the guys on our roster but I gotta say I am the most pumped about the prospects we have potentially turning out to be gems that make an impact in 2016 in the same way Doug has, Rawls has, CMike finally has, Gilliam has, Shead has and probably more guys I am forgetting have. I am excited about the possibilities, like Tharold Simon staying healthy and earning CB2 opposite Sherm. Like a guy making his way from the p-squad to the 53 man roster. Like Coffman getting re-signed and earning TE3 and making an impact when he gets to play. Like FB Cottom (6'2, 260lbs, 23 y/o) earning FB1 for cheap with his Tukuafu style body but as an even better dynamic receiver and with college experience rushing the ball as a RB/FB (Coleman then being re-signed as FB2/key ST player). One last guy for now is P-Rich who if he can stay healthy would make our WR corp even more dynamic, dangerous and fast.

  • I am really curious to see what happens with MikeB and Kam. Though I didn't like how Kam played this season compared to others; I could see the FO adjusting his contract a bit bumping up his pay and adding some guarantees just to make him fully happy. As for MikeB; he completely earned a raise this season, and I love how he didn't hold out and how he played his career best to prove he is worth being paid more. Excited for him to get restructured and getting a raise for his amazing work.