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Marshawn Lynch's future, Seahawks free agency plans: Joel Corry of CBS breaks it all down

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL Agent and CBS Sports analyst Joel Corry joined the Dave "Softy" Mahler show on Tuesday to break down some of the Seahawks' upcoming personnel decisions when it comes to Marshawn Lynch and Seattle's free agents. It's really worth a listen, Joel knows his stuff.

-- Corry believes that Marshawn Lynch is "gone." The real question is whether Lynch retires or forces the Seahawks to release him. If he retires, Seattle may have the option of recouping some of Lynch's signing bonus money (a pro-rated portion, up to $5M). Seattle may or may not do this; it's kind of tricky.

-- Corry thinks that Russell Okung will value himself as a peer to Trent Williams, the highest-paid left tackle. Corry doesn't think he'll get that kind of money. Imagines that Okung will have a hard time accepting less than the average of his rookie contract ($8.5M per year). Corry doesn't think that Okung will be back in Seattle.

-- Corry breaks down the situation for Brandon Mebane and Bruce Irvin as well.

-- Corry thinks that the Seahawks would have to do something for Michael Bennett before they could help Kam Chancellor out. He thinks that the Seahawks could restructure Bennett's deal to include more guaranteed money to placate Bennett if they're not planning on giving him more new money.

-- Corry said he would not be surprised if Kam pushes for a trade as the offseason goes on.

-- Corry said the Seahawks don't have to go way out of their way to re-sign Jeremy Lane because of the depth guys they have at the position.