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NFL playoff schedule 2016: Seahawks beat Cardinals, await outcome of Packers-Vikings

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Seahawks dominated the Cardinals from start to finish in Glendale Sunday, which means their shot at grabbing the #5 seed is still alive. With the win, Seattle now awaits the final in the Packers-Vikings game on Sunday Night Football, because that will reveal where Seattle will travel to in the wildcard round.

Here's what it comes down to:

If Green Bay wins, Seattle will go to Washington as the #5 seed.

If Minnesota wins, Seattle will go to Minnesota as the #6 seed.

The reason is this: if the Vikings win tonight, they will win the NFC North, which means that the Packers would fall into a tie with Seattle at 10-6 and notched in the wildcard race for the #5 seed. Green Bay would win that tiebreaker by virtue of their early season win over the Seahawks. That would make Seattle the #6 seed, and they'd play at Minnesota, the #3 seed as the winners of the NFC North.

Obviously, if the Vikings lose, that means that Green Bay would win the NFC North and become the #3 seed, and Seattle and Minnesota would be tied at 10-6 and head-to-head in the wildcard race for the #5 seed. Seattle wins that tiebreaker with Minnesota because of their dominating win over the Vikings this year, thus sending the Vikings down to the #6 seed. They'd play the Packers again in Lambeau next week while Seattle would go to #4 seed Washington. Playoff seeding is crazy.

So, who do you prefer playing? Minnesota, or Washington?