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Russell Wilson Pro Bowl offensive MVP, Michael Bennett defensive MVP; Seahawks dominate game's most memorable moments

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Team Irvin dominated Team Rice in the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was named the game's MVP after completing 8-of-12 passes for 164 yards and three touchdowns. His teammate Michael Bennett took away defensive MVP honors. Not a bad day for Seattle's Pro Bowlers, and while they'd surely rather be in Santa Clara prepping for the Super Bowl, the Seahawks were inarguably the game's most entertaining characters.

Let's just take a smattering of what you missed if you skipped the Pro Bowl.

1. Michael Bennett tells the teams' mascots to watch him whip, whip, and watch him nae nae.


2. Richard Sherman loses 22 yards on an end around (on offense) and then gets annihilated by Bobby Wagner on the sideline.

(clip via @WhoIsJoseRivera)

3. Richard Sherman randomly RKO'd Clay Matthews.

4. Michael Bennett took a direct snap and scored a touchdown, but some square of a ref called the play dead.

(clip via @WhoIsJoseRivera)

5. Richard Sherman does the Wayne's World "we're not worthy, we're not worthy" to Bennett after his should've-been TD.

All in all, not a terrible Sunday afternoon if you were able to watch the game.