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Seahawks Cigar Thoughts Broadcast: Wildcard Weekend

Jacson and friends chop up the Seahawks' huge win over the Cardinals and look ahead to the playoffs. Also, Matt breaks down the line play and what we can expect from the 'Hawks moving forward.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back. After what was maybe the Seahawks' best performance since Super Bowl 48, Brent Cole, Danny Kelly, and Matt Nichols join me to break down Seattle's enormous win over the Arizona Cardinals and look ahead to the big, freezing playoff matchup against the Vikings. We also take some time to appreciate just what we've seen from this team this season.

Another great episode. We really stretch this one out, so get comfortable.

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Note: During the show, Matt talks about a couple of plays, 1) Christine Michael's big 45-yard run, and 2), Jermaine Kearse's touchdown. Here are the videos for those plays so you can follow along.




As always, killer work done by Joel Litwin with the production and an overly hospitable job of hosting by the Joey, Evan, and Nate at the Glow Nightclub in downtown Bellingham.

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