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Seahawks vs. Vikings: Pete Carroll press conference notes

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media on Friday after practice. I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Marshawn Lynch is questionable because they need to see how he responds to the week's work tomorrow. Will use all of the time they have available. Have not said yet he is playing, he has looked really good. Hoping so and very optimistic about it.

  • Trying to access the soreness he has, how typical it is. Has been a great week, he has taken every rep.

  • Very fortunate to have a chance to see Chase Coffman play with Luke Willson being out again. He did a good job at the line of scrimmage and catching the ball. Can go with him and Cooper Helfet and play the game that way.

  • Luke didn't just quite get through it. Gonna take care of him.

  • Great to get Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy back in action. Saw Kam Chancellor at his best to on the other side of the ball, he looked really good and finished the week great. First time in over a month it seems he is really excited about being back, he can feel it, so he is ready to go. That is a great addition for us.

  • Matter of fact, Marshawn does look leaner. Marshawn looks really trim, a sign of hard work, and being really tuned into it. Looks really good.

  • If Marshawn is playing then he is playing, encouraged by his work. This would be like the first game of the year is how they approach it.

  • Have to wait and see how the cold weather affects him in terms of muscle strain.

  • Going one day at a time, trying to be as patient as possible, take in all the information they can get on Marshawn.

  • DVOA is a interesting stat because it is so comprehensive. It does take into account all three phases of the game in great detail. Don't know how the structure of it is, how accurate it is, to tell you what type of team you are. But it is a pretty cool stat because it knows everything you are doing and measure it against the average of what is going on in the league. Good sign of consistency is what it is.

  • The kicking game is without question affected by the weather. Will see what is going on with the ball flight. Could see a difference when they looked at similar games on tape.

  • Has been actively promoting Mike Holmgren to get a coaching job so Pete won't be the oldest coach. Think that would be in the best interest of the league. Feels like he is wearing a jersey with "64" on it, you know?

  • It makes a statement that Tyler Lockett is a top returner in the game (getting 1st team All-Pro). He had a fantastic season, is a great kid, in all ways. He works so hard and is so diligent, is a terrific athlete and a great competitor. That is an impressive statement for a young guy, and he is just getting warmed up. Has been a terrific receiver as well as a returner.

  • Kris Richard has done a marvelous job this season. To take over with the expectations and standards and surpass it. Just to do the same kinds of things again is an improvement, everybody always goes back down when they do good things. His leadership, the buy in from the players, he is tough on them and they respond to him. He maintains a great standard that they appreciate and play to.

  • Pete has overseen the defense like he always has. Is in tuned, but he lets these guys coach. They have been together so long that they have tremendous rapport and communication, always on the same page, so much in concert that it has been, Pete has been really proud to see him take over and do this. He has done it in first class fashion.

  • Thinks the defensive players did notice they didn't make the AP All Pro team at all.