When did the Seahawks' Golden Age begin?

An easy enough question, on the surface. We already know the present time is the golden age of the Seattle Seahawks. Things have never been better, for longer, in franchise history. We don't know how many more months, years, or decades it will last. (Hint: all the decades.)

This era must have begun at some point, right? We're not talking about the universe's birth here.

Pretty sure its inception was not in 2009, when Jim Mora was clamoring for more dirtbags and fewer kickers. It also did not begin in the 2014 postseason, with the second consecutive Super Bowl trip.

The Golden Age began somewhen in between those two dates. But when? That's up to you. No, not you individually, silly -- the collective you. There's a poll below. One of the options will win. It will be our leader. That's how Gullocracy works.

Some candidates and a one-sentence description follow. Feel free to build a case below for your answer, which shall probably end up wrong. Yes, I mean you, individually, not collectively.

1. Paul Allen hires Pete Carroll, then John Schneider. Date: January 2010.



2. Carroll and Schneider start work on the LOB by drafting Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. (Later adding Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner.) Date: April 2010.

"ooooo, water bottles"


3. Beastquake. Date: January 8, 2011.

"look, guys, in the 300 level, there's a seagull, hey, guys, look"


4. The 2012 draft: Russell Wilson and other essential elements are drafted. Date: April 2012.

file photo:


5. The 2012 team catches fire: Hawks defeat Packers, Pats, Bears, Bills, blow out their division rivals. Date: During 2012 regular season.

Seahawks took their foot off the pedal in the fourth quarter of this game:


6. Super Bowl XLVIII. Date: February 2, 2014.

A day that will live in ecstasy.


Vote. And defend your choice!