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Desmond Trufant recalls Tacoma pride as he returns to Washington to face Seahawks

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New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The University of Washington has sent a good number of players to the NFL recently and way more are coming. But few current NFL players do a better job of representing the quality of talent coming out of Washington state better than Desmond Trufant does. The Atlanta Falcons cornerback played four years with the Huskies after being recruited out of Wilson High in Tacoma.

On Sunday, Trufant plays his first game in Seattle since being drafted in the first round by the Falcons in 2013. He recalled his time in Tacoma and his pride for the city in an interview with ESPN this week.

"A lot of people, they kind of look down on Tacoma," Marcus said. "They talk about the 'Tacoma aroma.' They call it 'Tacky Town.' They’ve got all these jokes. It’s usually in good fun, but it can kind of give you a chip on your shoulder.

"I certainly had one on my shoulder. Coming out of college with the Senior Bowl, they’d ask me where I was from, and I’d say 'Tacoma' -- and they would be like, 'Where? I never heard of that? Are you from Washington, D.C.? Are you from Seattle?' I think me, Des and my older brother, Isaiah, all got that chip."

As someone whose closest friends are from Tacoma after meeting them at Washington State University, I can confirm that they have a chip on their shoulder and also have more city pride than residents from any other place in Washington. I can also confirm that they are lowlifes.