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Watch: Jimmy Graham’s one-handed catch vs Jets

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New York Jets William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

I knew that Jimmy Graham could fly planes but I didn’t know he owned Jets.

The Seahawks gave up Max Unger and a first round pick to acquire Graham (and a fourth round pick) from the Saints. The deal was harshly criticized by some and then many more got on the bandwagon after Graham failed to produce 2,000 receiving yards in his first season with a new offense, but over the last two weeks he’s clearly shown what makes him so unique and important.

Here we see him covered by Jets safety Marcus Williams, but turning around in time to use only his right arm to haul in a pass from Russell Wilson that’s just a bit outside. All while Williams holds his left arm, preventing him from using it to secure the ball, but it wouldn’t matter. Graham finished with over 100 yards in the game, his second straight week of hitting the century mark.