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It’s actually Steve Hauschka

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Hauschka’s name is Steven Hauschka according to everything on the internet, but according to Steven Hauschka, it’s actually ... (silhouette silhouette, pink framing, mysterious music, music, doodle-doo, doodle-doo, doodle-doo) ... Stephen Hauschka.

A new report from Q13 this week revealed that the Seattle Seahawks kicker has been going by the wrong name since a mixup in college. Hauschka kicked at N.C. State in 2008 with his final year of eligibility after a career at Middlebury College and foregoing dental school for a pipe dream as a football kicker. The report didn’t specify at which point in college the mistake was made, but it is also interesting to note that Hauschka finished up his career with the Wolfpack in 2007 and in 2008, a freshman by the name of Russell Wilson threw 17 touchdowns and one interception.

We’ve all heard of “No time to sleep” but now will we be saying “No time to Steve”?

Hauschka noted that whether you spell it as Stephen or Steven, he typically just goes by Steve anyway. I’ve never once considered calling him Steve Hauschka but as a person who has had to haggle his nickname/name I go by for years, I respect his wishes.

Thanks for kicking the game-winner against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, Steve. Looking forward to more, Steve. Don’t blow it, Steve.