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Kelcie McCray saved the Seahawks’ McDay

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With a timely tackle, and a lesson in perseverance

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
playmakers who belong
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kelcie McCray — the guy who you didn’t want to see starting on Sunday night, if only because of what it meant for the guy who he was replacing — is one of the main reasons you’ve got your sister’s lipstick on your cheek this morning. No sense in making you wait for it.

speed matters

And such, the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals finished all tied up at 6 not-so-easy pieces.

Sure, Earl Thomas somehow managed to deny* David Johnson a game-winning touchdown a few seconds later.

*debatable but no longer reviewable

And yeah, both kickers comically missed kicks than many of us present can make (or have actually made, in certain cases).

Enough about the Kickstone Cops, however -- you’ve found yourself in an elegy for McCray here instead. If the Hawks’ backup strong safety is just a little slower, a little less sure of a tackler, or takes a slightly worse angle, the Cardinals gain a game on Seattle. Simple as that.

But he wasn’t, and they didn’t.

You can sign all the smart and crafty safeties you want. Locally, Old Lawyer Milloy was great. Full of veteranosity and leadership, at the right time. Not locally, Old Troy Polamalu was slow but knew where to position himself for maximum impact.

But you can’t magically turn a veteran safety who’s lost a step since the draft a decade prior into a speed McDemon when the situation calls for one.

McCray ran a 4.54 at the combine. A 4.6 guy doesn’t necessarily ankle tackle J.J. Nelson there, he whiffs and grabs air. A 4.66 guy on the wrong side of 30 might take the right angle, but he’s also going to get beat to the pylon. Hundredths of seconds win and lose games, often.

Sacrilegiously speaking, if Pete rolls the dice and activates Kam Chancellor for the game, with the reasoning that 90-percent Kam is superior to 100-percent Kelcie, then we might be staring at a painful loss, rather than an unsatisfying tie.

Thanks, man

So thanks for the McCray of hope, Kelcie, when the game seemed all but lost.