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Pete Carroll, Bruce Arians speak very differently about their kickers following brutal misses

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Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

If the following comes as a surprise to you, then you might not know much about Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll or Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians.

The interesting thing about tonight’s postgame press conferences is that unlike 99.9% of games, there isn’t a winning coach and a losing coach. Yet Arians sounds like a losing coach and Carroll sounds like a winning coach. Maybe that’s because Carroll knows that his team is in first place and has gained an advantage over the Cards by tying in Arizona while already having a lead in the division, but overall, the atmospheres are clearly different.

And I’ve become quite a fan of the atmosphere that Carroll brings to Seattle.

Arians was already upset with Chandler Catanzaro because he missed a potential game-winner against the Patriots, but Seahawks’ kicker Steven Hauschka has also had a rough couple of weeks, including a critical blocked PAT against the Falcons last week. Arians added that he thought Bobby Wagner clearly should have been flagged for his leaps over the offensive line despite the fact that pretty much everybody who was watching the game that is familiar with the rules said that it was not a penalty. He said that he would talk to the NFL about it and probably hear the same “bullshit” he usually hears when he asks for answers.

Carroll likely left his press conference on a trail of rainbows.