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Earl Thomas’ near pick-six that almost won the game for Seattle

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Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Sunday night’s contest pitting the Seattle Seahawks against the Arizona Cardinals was a slugfest of epic proportions. The teams ended regulation tied at 3-3 with both missing opportunities here and there, sending them to overtime for a dreaded 6-6 finish.

Potentially the biggest missed opportunity for either squad occurred with a little over 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter:

While he is obviously a demon wizard from another planet, Seahawks’ safety Earl Thomas can’t corral an interception that should have been ran back for a pick-six. Earl’s movement just before the snap shows that he knows exactly where the ball is going from the moment Arizona lines up. A blitzing Jeremy Lane puts pressure in Carson Palmer’s face, distracting him from a prowling Thomas flying in to break up the pass.

This isn’t the first time that Earl has missed a potential interception return for a touchdown. In the week one contest against the Miami Dolphins, Seattle’s All World safety alligator-armed a pass that would have likely been taken to the house.

While it would be fantastic to see Thomas hang onto gift-wrapped picks like these, it’s hard to complain. There doesn’t seem to be a player in the league who has as much of a knack for recording tip drill interceptions as Earl. His game-changing interception in last week’s matchup against Atlanta proved to be the difference.

Despite dropping the pick, the play yielded a critical fourth down and prevented the Cardinals from entering field goal range. Thomas played an absolutely unbelievable game in Glendale on Sunday. If the last two weeks are any indicator, Seattle’s center fielder is back on top of his game and that should terrify the rest of the league.