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We Were Wrong: All tied for wrong.

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Usually some of us manage to be right among all the wrongness. Not this week.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
picture of six cardinals missing a tackle
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Predictions, game plan analysis, history as a guide, final result, we got it all wrong, all of us. Amid the play breakdowns, statistical insights, and other brands of #analysis, you’ll get fed a series of fantastically wrong comments from some of our brightest people! Of course, then those remarks get torn apart, first by a merciless asshole we call “reality” and then a half-merciless asshole we call “me.”

No Offense, Practically

From the comments on Mike Bar’s story on keys to the game, published the day before.

“I think Russell runs a little more this week. Just taking the easy yards will open up some room for the running backs if one defender has to account for Russ. Hopefully Lockett regains some more of his speed this week.”

Posted by thegreek on Oct 23, 2016 | 9:56 AM reply rec (3) flag

Three recs feels about right, like a deserved amount, but how much wronger can a greek get? RW kept on his first read, on 3rd and 1. The conversion failed. Of course it did, because he lost two yards. It was his only carry of the night.

In 2016, Russell Wilson now has carried the ball 22 times for 33 yards. This time last year, he had 45 rushes for 261 yards, just a shade under 6 yards per carry.

Wonder if the offense could use those extra 228 yards on 23 plays. Wonder if that would lead to another score or two and erase a loss or a tie. (Hint: that’s rhetorical. Look -- no question marks.)

Regarding Lockett, he was a non-factor in the passing game for the fourth consecutive game. Since his 99-yard output Week 2, he has 49 yards on 10 targets.

Ty Lockett’s not on fire. He’s not even on fine. Through six games, he has “accumulated” 165 yards, zero touchdowns, and has caught 13 of 22 targets for a nondescript 59.1 percent catch rate. He’s hurt. We know that. But he’s also not playing well, not seeing targets, not performing at full speed, and not making a difference. Save for one 53-yard catch and one spectacular punt return... on which he was caught from behind.

A shame, of course, because one explosive Lockett play or a couple of RW conversions with his legs would probably have been enough to break the tie. Oh yeah, did you hear? The Cards and Hawks tied on Sunday.

“Big Game for Angry Doug? Keep them honest with their rush through short and mid passes and a good run game and Russell will pop one deep. Hawks over Cards 28-17.”

Posted by TJ_Rooster on Oct 23, 2016 | 2:02 PM reply rec (1) flag

Not a big game for Baldwin. He made one important, potentially game-winning play, this one in overtime, broken down beautifully by Brock Huard as usual, for four minutes right here.

Before that, Baldwin had five catches on eight targets for 42 yards, in almost 75 minutes of play. It’s been a few weeks since the last big Doug game. Maybe this weekend?

To get back to TJ, Russell did pop one deep. The 3rd and 4 conversion to Jermaine Kearse in overtime staved off a loss. But it was not aided by a the good run game we were promised: 52 yards on 19 attempts was all it managed.

The 52 yards was the lowest output by a Carroll-coached team since Week 8 of the 2013 season — that Thursday night game in St. Louis in which 44 rushing were earned. In the Hawks’ defense, nothing was working that day except the jump ball to Golden Tate. Well, and Heath Farwell. Memories!

The DJ Law

David Johnson was going to either:

  • be swallowed up by the Seanami (the usual)
  • be impactful regardless of defense (he’s very very good)
  • go off and dominate (see above)

Right? One of those three, right?

He didn’t fall into one of those categories — he filled them all. He put up numbers, carried the offense, and was stopped when the stopping was necessary.

Johnson touched the ball 41 times and collected 171 all-purpose yards. Which is three times what the Seahawks backs produced, collectively. But is also only about 4.2 yards per touch. He was contained, productive, good but lacking greatness.

So it’s hard to call him overhyped, as I heard more than once during the week, or dominant, as many worried he would be. He was... a workhorse. Without him the Cardinals almost surely lose; with him they tie; with another burst of effort from him at the goal line late in the game. (Maybe he should have been kept fresher, but who am I to question a Coach of the Year?)

Plucked From Last Week’s ‘We Were Wrong’ Bin

“Seattle’s defense has their best turnover day of the season.” - qrtqrt

That didn’t happen. Zeroes. (Should’ve called some special teams wizardry!)

“Obviously the Seahawks will score 37. Math and all.” - Benno

That didn’t happen. Sixes.

“Lockett and Prosise will each have at last one big play.” - snper

Prosise actually logged 16 snaps, for a welcome change. Only netted 17 receiving yards out of it, but that’s a start.

Something Odds

Vegas even baited a nation into being wrong.

“Seahawks line just moved to zero from plus 1.5 pts... People are putting their money where their mouth is.”

Posted by maynard on Oct 22, 2016 | 7:30 PM reply rec (1) flag

Shoulda bet on the tie, gamblers.

Oh Win The Saints

Game. Oh win the Saints game.

Plenty of juicy matchups to explore over the weekend. New Orleans’ defense has graduated from historically bad to just really bad. They’ve given up 195 points in six games, most in the league. Also, 6.1 yards per play allowed, worst in the league.

But they’re staying afloat because their point differential is only -19, and their offense is good for, wait for it, 6.1 yards per play.

Will Russell Wilson’s pec injury be a factor? Will we see Trevone Boykin take snaps again? And if so, how will he acquit himself in another soft-looking landing?

Will the run game awaken? And if so, will it be because Alex Collins and Prosise play a bigger role, or because C-Mike from the Niners game shows up?

Will obvious double agent Jahri Evans complete his mission and allow multiple third-down sacks?

Whatever your answer, it’s nice to know you’ll furnish plenty of wrongness.