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Drew Brees and Russell Wilson will face very different defenses

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New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The most favorable comparison that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson got early in his career was that of New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees. The reason: Height, height, and less more height. But I think ultimately the comparisons were quite apt as both quarterbacks used their height disadvantage to their advantage, by out-working the competition because so few GMs believed in their ability to become great QBs.

And five years into Wilson’s career, he’s starting to find himself on the same trajectory as Brees as well.

I had often predicted (not that I was the only one or anything though) that Wilson would slowly but surely ramp up his pass attempts per season just as Brees, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger have as some of the best quarterbacks of the 2000s. Wilson is on pace for 552 attempts this season, 69 more than the career-high he had last season. The fact that he can’t run as much this year has a little something to do with it, but even Pete Carroll knows that if a quarterback gradually improves as a passer each season, you’re going to want him to pass it more because completed passes simply have more value than runs, and protect the QB more often.

Whether or not Wilson will ever become the prolific passer that Brees is, a guy who has led the NFL in passing yards in six of the last 10 seasons, remains to be seen. Probably not. But because of the way that league rules have evolved in that time, Wilson may become a more efficient passer than Brees and certainly has an opportunity to set NFL records in passer rating and similar numbers related to Y/A and interceptions. He’s already got the best passer rating of all-time for a QB through his first five “true” seasons, though there are 10 more games to go.

One of those comes this Sunday in New Orleans against Brees’ Saints. This will certainly become an opportunity for Wilson to boost his overall season numbers against a defense that isn’t even in “rebuild” mode right now; to rebuild would presume there is something to tear down. New Orleans gave up an NFL-record number of touchdown passes in 2015 and have not yet made necessary improvements, ranking 32nd in points allowed this season, 32nd in first downs allowed, 32nd in rushing touchdowns allowed, and 30th in passing yards allowed.

Brees faces a much different defense than Wilson, though a tired D that could be without Kam Chancellor and perhaps one or two other key players. For a few more of the numbers on Sunday’s matchup, we made a little video down below.

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Russell Wilson Has Favorable Matchups Vs The Saints

While battling injuries, Russell Wilson has some favorable matchups in the New Orleans Saints!

Posted by Field Gulls: For Seattle Seahawks News and Analysis on Thursday, October 27, 2016