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Michael Bennett to have surgery, may sit out reunion vs brother Martellus

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Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is set to have knee surgery on Monday, but will only be out 2-3 weeks according to reports on Sunday morning. Bennett was injured two weeks ago on a cut block from Atlanta Falcons OT Jake Matthews but played against the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday night. However, it became evident that something was wrong when Bennett was unable to go in practice.

The Seahawks have gotten more sacks this season from Cliff Avril and Frank Clark than they have from Bennett, but they certainly don’t have a defensive lineman who is as versatile as him. Bennett has played every position along the defensive line and can also line up wide as a linebacker. His absence will certainly be felt and they don’t have a good option to stand in for him with rookie Quentin Jefferson on IR. It will mean more playing time for Clark, Cassius Marsh, and the newly-signed Malliciah Goodman.

If Bennett is out “2-3 weeks” from Sunday, that sounds like it means he will miss at least three or four games. That would be against the New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles. Michael’s brother Martellus Bennett plays for the Patriots, meaning there may not be a reunion on the field in Week 10. Unless the “2-3 weeks” included this week.

That news is quite unfortunate, but only losing a marquee player for a couple weeks when he needs to undergo knee surgery is incredibly lucky for Seattle.