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Watch Tanner McEvoy’s long pass to C.J. Prosise

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Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Nobody loves versatility more than Pete Carroll, and here is a pass from former Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson to former Wisconsin QB Tanner McEvoy to former Notre Dame WR C.J. Prosise.

The presence of McEvoy on the field as a second QB will force defenses to account for him in that regard whenever he splits out wide, and may even set him up to line up under center later in the game, moving Wilson out wide and confusing defenses even more. With Prosise, his ability to play wide receiver, as he did in college, despite lining up usually as a running back, also makes this trio a dangerous combination. This play clearly illustrates that.

It doesn’t hurt that two college basketball players — Jimmy Graham and George Fant -- can also be out there, or Justin Britt, who has played all three offensive line positions, or that Garry Gilliam was a tight end in college, and that Wilson played minor league baseball.