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Bill Belichick praises Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Cliff Avril in video breakdown

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

There might not be a smarter coach in the NFL than Bill Belichick (might?), and it’s a guilty pleasure to be able to see the Seattle Seahawks play against his New England Patriots. We just hope that every game result isn’t like the last one.

Going up against Belichick means that you get to hear the league’s brightest football mind talk about the players, coaches, and schemes of your favorite team. This week, it seems like Belichick has opened up even more about his opponent, especially when it comes to praise and compliments; Belichick has said that they’ve done weeks of research on the Seahawks and are well-prepared (of course), a statement that frightens the crap out of me, but he’s also said that the organization is great and the players are fantastic. He went further in depth for, breaking down several Seattle players on “The Belestrator.”

You can watch the full video here, of course NFL would not allow us to embed it. (That I know of.)

Belichick talks about Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Doug Baldwin, and Cliff Avril.