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The Pregame Insomnia Podcast Episode # 11: Mission Impossible! w/ Special guest John Fraley

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

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This week’s Podcast features:

Breaking down Seattle Seahawks @ New England Patriots (They really should have run the ball.)

Breaking Down the NFC West:

San Fransisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals (Cardinals eek out a win by a closing field goal.)

Los Angeles Rams @ New York Jets (Rams snap losing streak name Jared Goff the starter)

Seattle parts ways with Christine Michael.

Mish-mesh of topics including Tony Romo’s accepted demotion to backup in Dallas

Philadelphia Eagles @ Seattle Seahawks predictions.

NFL Story: With the failure of the San Diego Chargers stadium initiative do they become the prime candidate for the NFL's first true international franchise?


Special 1-on-1 with John David Fraley

Enjoy the show and Go Hawks!


One Jump-cut because of phone scammer but mostly a clean broadcast. It runs a bit long as we had some random NFL stuff to cover. If you’re looking specifically for my interview with John Fraley, that starts at 1:04:13. The whole podcast runs about 106 minutes this week.

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