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Keys to Victory: How the Seahawks can beat the Packers

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

What perfect timing! Immediately after the first snow of the year in Seattle, the Seahawks will travel into the always-hostile Lambeau Field, during a snowstorm, for a chance at knocking off the Green Bay Packers.

The weather forecast predicts heavy snow before the contest and slightly relaxed precipitation during. No matter the case, the elements will play a huge part in the events that will transpire on this glorious day.

I guess it’s a damn good thing that Seattle is quite apt at winning in ugly fashion. Against a team as dominant as the Packers are at home in December, this is a necessity. There are a few keys that the Seahawks will need to focus on to pull out a win in Green Bay. Let’s dive into it.

Stay disciplined

In snowy conditions, it is difficult to stay upright and in quality coverage on receivers for more than a few seconds. When playing against arguably the most talented quarterback of the last decade, life is that much more difficult.

Last week, Jordy Nelson scored a deep touchdown because a corner fell down in coverage. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t miss these throws. While it will be difficult for receivers to haul in contested balls, Rodgers will do all he can to make life easy for them against the Seahawks. Seattle will need to fight through the elements and maintain coverage on the Packers’ wideouts if they hope to win.

Punish the opponent

The most conducive attack to braving a blizzard happens to be the ground game. A solid rushing attack can do wonders when Mother Nature is making your life miserable. Fortunately for the Seahawks, their running game has taken off over the last few weeks thanks to the improved health of Russell Wilson and Thomas Rawls.

Seattle’s offensive line has all of the tools to thrive in a game like this. Maul the Packers’ defense consistently and the offense will succeed. It’s as simple as that*.

*Disclaimer: I am (probably) legally required to let you know that executing consistent blocking schemes in an NFL game is not actually as simple as typing a sentence.

Be bigger than the moment

The pressure is on. Despite the Seahawks being heavy favorites to win the NFC West, securing a first-round bye is nowhere near a given at this point. The Detroit Lions, lurking a half game behind, play the Chicago Bears this week. I can easily see them winning that game, so Seattle will need to win in one of the NFL’s harshest environments to maintain their standing.

Last year’s trip to Lambeau didn’t go as planned, so today will be a bit of a redemption attempt. The pressure is always on in a playoff-esque scenario such as this. How the Seahawks respond to such a challenge will tell us a lot about the type of team they are – about the collective brotherhood they have achieved.

Seattle has what it takes to beat the Packers. Will they? We’ll find out soon enough.