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Key to Victory: How the Seahawks can beat the Rams

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Well, well, well... Can you hear the sirens in the distance? That’s right everybody. It’s that wonderful time of the year. It’s Rams week.

Playing against the Rams is never an easy task, but the Seahawks have owned the matchup at home since 2012. They have gone 3-1 in that span, facing some questionable quarterbacks throughout. The likes of Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens, Shaun Hill, and Case Keenum have proved to be stiff tests for Seattle.

Enter Jared Goff - the key to victory for the Seahawks.

The first pick of the 2016 draft hasn’t looked so hot in his first few starts in the league and, after stinking it up against the Falcons in Los Angeles, will look to get right against a stingy Seattle defense that will be foaming at the mouth after a dismantling from Aaron Rodgers.

The path to victory is simple for the Seahawks: make Goff look like the rookie that he is. The X-factor in this matchup will be Seattle’s pass rush. Atlanta was pressuring the quarterback all day long on Sunday, flustering the young passer and pushing him into making some terrible decisions.

Disguising coverages will also be key to taking advantage of Goff’s inexperience.

The rookie doesn’t seem to have a very good feel for the speed of the NFL yet (which is understandable of course), and the Seahawks will need to capitalize. If they can find a way to pick off a couple of passes, there is no reason why an easy win can’t be in store.

Of course, these are the Rams we’re talking about here. There is an obvious likelihood that the universe hates us and that Goff will transform into Joe Montana in his prime just in time to shred the Seattle defense.


In any case, the Seahawks will win this game if they force Jared Goff into rookie mistakes. Despite the haze of a mindset amongst 12s that Seattle will never be able to play Los Angeles well, the Seahawks are the best team in the league at bouncing back and they are due for one hell of a bounce-back after Sunday’s game.