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Earl Thomas reaffirms that he’s contemplating retirement

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, currently on injured reserve while recovering from a broken leg suffered against the Carolina Panthers, appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday and spoke about the tweet he sent right after his injury occurred in which he said he was contemplating retirement. While many thought that the tweet was in the heat of the moment, or perhaps a cruel prank, Thomas said he meant it and that he’s still not sure if he’ll play again.

“I was still thinking clearly, in my eyes, and like I said, I still kind of feel the same way.”

The full audio can be found here:

Thomas also wasn’t necessarily leaning towards retirement either, saying, “When I went back to the VMAC the other day, my competitive juices came right back.” and “It’s all about re-committing myself.”

He also said this:

“When I go out there, I wanna go with my balls hanging— I don’t wanna say with my balls hanging.”

Thomas is only 27 and as of his injury, probably one of the 25 best players in the NFL. So retirement would be shocking, but perhaps less so given all the other concerns regarding football players right now. Thomas’ leg will heal, but perhaps it’s given him an opportunity to realize that a single blow to the head could change everything in his life; he’s young, he’s rich, and if his pre, mid, and post-game tweets mean anything, he’s destined to be an analyst.

The Seahawks have Thomas signed through 2018.