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Falcons keep pressure on Seahawks to win, if Seattle loses they’ll drop out of 2 seed

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Carolina Panthers 33-16 on Saturday, improving their record to 10-5. The Falcons, winners in six of their last eight games, will win the NFC South if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose to the New Orleans Saints this week. But if the Seattle Seahawks lose to the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta will also improve to being the two seed in the NFC.

If that happens, then the Falcons could clinch the two seed with a win in Week 17 when Atlanta hosts the Saints. The Bucs could only get the two seed if they win against the Panthers next week, the Falcons lose, and the Seahawks lose. In that case, Tampa Bay would be 10-6 and Seattle would be 9-6-1. But if the Bucs win the division at 10-6, the Seahawks could still get the two seed by beating the San Francisco 49ers and getting to 10-5-1.

None if this matters if Seattle just wins their final two games, but the pressure is on. The Seahawks can’t clinch the two seed and the bye week this weekend.