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Seahawks will host the Giants in the wild card round if they lose to 49ers, but Redskins most likely opponent

NFL: Super Bowl 50-NFL Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are 16 possible outcomes on Sunday with regards to the games important to the NFC playoff bracket: Seahawks-49ers, Packers-Lions, Redskins-Giants, and Falcons-Saints. In half of these scenarios, the Seattle Seahawks end up hosting the New York Giants in the first round:

However, that only happens when Seattle loses to San Francisco. That’s not very likely, though it is certainly possible.

It’s probable that the Seahawks will win, which would guarantee that they won’t play the Giants in the first round. With a win, Seattle is the three seed or two seed depending on how Atlanta does against New Orleans. If the Falcons lose, then the Seahawks get a bye week. If Atlanta wins and Seattle wins, then the Seahawks will either host the Lions, Packers, or Redskins.

It seems most likely that Seattle will host Washington, which would be the fourth time in the Redskins’ last five trips to the playoffs they’d have to play the Seahawks. They’ve lost all three of those other games.

If Green Bay and Detroit tie however, then Washington will be out and the Lions will be the second wild card, with the Packers as the NFC North champ.