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NFL picks: How to bet Panthers-Seahawks

Buffalo Bills v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

This week’s analysis will be shorter because I’ll be directing you to a video of me talking about wagering on this week’s game with Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak of Sportsbook Review at the end of the article.

Onto Seattle Seahawks vs the Carolina Panthers.

I love the Seahawks’ chances of redemption this week against Carolina, and apparently so does everyone else as the line favoring Seattle has moved from 6 to 7.5 points at some sports books. That move past 7 is a huge deal, but I think the way to play the side on this game is to tease the Seahawks to -1 anyway. To cover a 7+ point spread, the Panthers will have to continue their average of turning the ball over once a game. I think this is likely, although with the weather looking like it may have an effect on the game I wouldn’t rule out a Seattle turnover either.

The Seahawks will have to deal with Greg Olsen once again, who has torched them in the past. However, I like the matchup with Jimmy Graham versus Luke Keuchly and Kurt Coleman’s backups, instead of Greg Olson versus Bobby Wagner and Kam Chancellor. There should be mismatches that Seattle can take advantage of without Russell Wilson having to hold the ball for the longer developing routes that they tried to hit in Tampa Bay.

The weather will also suck which should favor the home team. Add in some 12th Man noise and the patchwork offensive line of Carolina that should be positively miserable.

So yes, I like the Hawks in this game, but for more analysis please watch the video.