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Seahawks sign noted friend of Guy Fieri, former UW fullback Marcel Reece

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I might be a superfan of the Seattle Seahawks, but that can’t come close to the adoration I have for Donkey Sauce creator Guy Fieri. That’s why I was hesitant to write about the Seahawks adding some fullback off the street after placing Earl Thomas on injured reserve (footnote to Guy Fieri news), but had to run to the computer and couldn’t start typing fast enough when it turned out the former three-time Pro Bowler was an all-time friend to Fieri.

Sure, Reece was a star for the University of Washington in 2007 when he had 761 receiving yards with eight touchdowns, and yeah he was productive for seven seasons in Oakland, but more than anything else, he kicks it with Guy Fieri. I first learned this two years ago when I interviewed Fieri for Rolling Stone, in which he mentioned being a Raiders fan and that he had cooked with Reece and Steve Mariucci. It was at that moment that I knew that regardless of what he can do on the field, the only thing that mattered to me anymore about Reece was what he can do in the kitchen.

Namely, cook food with Guy Fieri.

So welcome to Seattle, Reece. Please tell Guy I said “Hi.”