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Seahawks playoff odds, scenarios, magic number

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

There are four weeks left in the NFL season, here’s what you need to know about how that pertains to the Seattle Seahawks and their playoffs chances, seeding:

  • The Seahawks have a 75% chance of getting the number two seed, per They have a 14% chance at the three seed and just a 3% chance at the one seed, but are 99% to make the playoffs no matter what. FootballOutsiders is basically the same: 99% to make the playoffs, 98.4% to win the NFC West, 71.8% to get the number two seed.
  • Seattle will win the NFC West this week with a win and an Arizona Cardinals loss. That guarantees them at least the number four seed.
  • If the Seahawks win this week, and the Detroit Lions lose, and the Falcons lose, Seattle will have a 93% chance to win the number two seed and a bye week. Worst case scenario, their odds of the number two seed drop to 62% this week.
  • If Seattle wins the next two games, they can do no worse than the four seed. If they win the next three games, they can do no worse than the three seed. If they win out, they can do no worse than the two seed.
  • Of remaining opponents, the Seahawks have the second-easiest schedule in the NFC, behind only the Atlanta Falcons. The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants are tied for the toughest remaining schedule, just ahead of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • In terms of playoff picture, Seahawks-Packers is the most important NFC game of the week. Patriots-Ravens Monday Night is the most important game of the week in total.
  • Seattle is 50% to make the NFC Championship, 18% to make the Super Bowl, and 8% to win it all. FootballOutsiders is a little better, 12% to win the Super Bowl, 25.3% to make it, 55.4% to reach their third NFC Championship game since 2013. There’s a 10% chance of a rematch between the Seahawks and Patriots.
  • In other news, the Kansas City Chiefs are now 54% to get the number two seed following their win over the Oakland Raiders on Thursday. New England is 65% to get the number one seed. The Pittsburgh Steelers are 53% to get the three seed and the Houston Texans are 48% to get the four seed. Though my personal feeling is that the Baltimore Ravens win the AFC North and the Tennessee Titans win the AFC South. The Raiders and Denver Broncos are strong favorites for the wild cards and I tend to believe that will play out.
  • If the standings of today held up, the Broncos would travel to Baltimore, the Raiders would go to Houston. In the NFC, it would be the Bucs going to Detroit and the Giants to Atlanta. However, odds have the Washington Redskins as slightly bigger favorites to win the last wild card spot over Tampa. The Vikings and Packers are the only other teams in the NFC with a greater than 3% chance to make the playoffs.
  • Super Bowl repeat? Denver has the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL: Titans, Patriots, Chiefs, Raiders.
  • New England can clinch a number two or number three seed this week.