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Seahawks draft picks, 2016 NFL Draft: Taking stock of Seattle's draft capital

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle officially has six picks in the 2016 NFL Draft. With's compensatory pick projections, they are slated to see that number jump to nine by late March. Let's take stock of where those picks will come, and how the Hawks came by them.

Because of the Seahawks' trades last year to acquire safety Kelcie McCray (their 2016 5th rounder) and cornerback Mohammed Seisay (their 2016 6th rounder), two of Seattle's native picks are gone. However, they did pick up an additional 7th round pick from Dallas for the Christine Michael trade. That should be the 4th pick of that round. The overall pick numbers past the 3rd Round are still unknown, and will be until all the comp picks are announced at the owners meetings in late March.

Additionally, Seattle is expected to be awarded three comp picks for the free agent players they lost last summer. Right now, OverTheCap projects a 3rd rounder for Byron Maxwell, a 5th rounder for James Carpenter, and a 6th rounder for Malcolm Smith. That is obviously just an educated guess though, as the league does not disclose the formula they use to award compensatory picks.

Overall, here's where that leaves Seattle:

Round 1: 26th overall 
Round 2: 56th overall 
Round 3: 90th overall 
Round 3: Projected compensatory pick (Byron Maxwell to Eagles)
Round 4: 26th pick of the round
Round 5: Projected compensatory pick (James Carpenter to Jets)
Round 6: Projected compensatory pick (Malcolm Smith to Raiders)
Round 7: 4th pick of the round (acquired from Dallas for Christine Michael)
Round 7: 26th pick of the round