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NFL Mock Draft 2016: And with the 26th pick, the Seahawks select….

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Now before you read this article I just want you to know I've already constructed an underground survival bunker built from 40,000 tons of concrete. It's impervious to weapons in current existence. In fact, even superman has to say the secret password at the door to get in -- so don't even think about coming after me... unless you're Jessica Alba. In which case the password at the door is "Jessica Alba."

In a perfect world, where we all drive Prius' to work, nobody litters, and everyone is positive all the time, the Seattle Seahawks would more than likely address the offensive line in the first round. You know what that's like though? That's like buying a $2 dollar lottery ticket for a $10 lottery. As you dream of all the things you'll do with your winnings after you recoup your $2 buy-in, you nail it down to a list of about four things.

  1. A pack of gold toe socks. None of those cheap-o one-size-fits-all pieces of crap.

  2. The Taco Bell Quesarito Big Box Meal -- because being a champion means eating like one too.

  3. More lottery tickets. You'll never actually get rich if you dont spend a ton of money attempting to get there.

  4. Purchase the movie Blank Check on VHS and relive your youth. Damn that movie was on point.


So with the 26th pick in the first round the Seattle Seahawks select (drum roll) -- Corey Coleman, wide receiver out of Baylor University.

No, he is not the tall wide receiver we have endlessly banged the table for. Yes, the Seahawks did look extremely productive in the pass game with just the trio of Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Tyler Lockett. Coleman however, would in no way qualify as a "redundant selection". We are talking about a wideout that athletically should put every receiver in this corps to shame -- this includes Lockett's 4.40 40 yard dash time. This is an athlete that can not only blow the top off coverage, but physically establish himself all over the field. Coleman has legit feature abilities and his ceiling upon my evaluations is that of Steve Smith.

With Jermaine Kearse set to be a free agent, why spend the budget to re-sign him? Even if Coleman wasn't the answer there are plenty of other draft options in this class at wideout that could step into the role of the "3rd wheel" -- unless of course someone thinks Kearse is going to hold off Tyler Lockett (he has already been passed). Then you factor in Kearse's comments via text to ESPN...

"I love my hometown, but I've put in too much hard work to give a discount," Kearse told ESPN via text. "My number one priority is to take care of my family's future, so I will consider all opportunities."

With that said, he's likely done here in Seattle. In addition to the void he will leave, you've already got plenty of cap space with the retirement of Lynch, and potential exit of Bruce Irvin. The "woes" of the pass protection can be addressed round two or later, plus all the free agents available just looking for a shot with a contender.

Now back to Corey Coleman.

He's 5'-11" and just a shade under 200lbs. He's projected to run in the 4.3's and I'm willing to bet that he ranks top 5 in numerous other athletic categories at the combine. At Baylor, he finished his college career with 33 receiving touchdowns -- 20 of which came just this last season. If you've read my draft report (Part I and Part II) you'd know he was my WR2 in this draft class and for good reason. He's explosive, refined, dangerously quick, and just the type of receiver this offense would absolutely dominate with as an occasional slot option and outside threat.

If you thought our passing game looked explosively sexy last year, just imagine if we had an elite level athlete out there as a part of it. As we usher in the new era of Thomas Rawls, Tyler Lockett and Jimmy Graham just picture what all this looks like when you toss out a "can do it all" freaky athlete into that same mix. Russell Wilson has proved his passing chops -- what Coleman would do for us is something that few other receivers in this class can immediately..... and thats upgrade us.

Check out Coleman's tape over at