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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Comping 2016 draft prospects to current Seahawks

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week on 3000 NFL Mock Draft, Rob Staton and I went down the roster for the Denver Broncos and looked for players in the upcoming draft that comped well to guys like Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Chris Harris, and others. Well naturally, the next move was to do the same for the Seahawks and since we are in a bit of a transition this week between the Super Bowl and next weekend's Scouting Combine, it felt the perfect time to do that.

This week, Rob and I spend the first hour (yes, there's a "first" hour) talking about Derrick Henry's chancing of running a 4.4 at the combine and becoming an elite prospect, why Vernon Hargreaves is still being overrated, and why the Titans seem likely to trade down once you look at the board. We discuss Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft this week and compare it to Rob's in a game of "Mocko y Mocko."

Then we start telling you who comps well to Seattle's starters like Richard Sherman, Russell WIlson, Marshawn Lynch, and the rest. No comp is perfect really, especially when you've got so many unique athletes, but this is a start.

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