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"Plenty of buzz" around J.R. Sweezy in free agency, per report

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle faces the prospect of losing two starters on their 2015 offensive line though free agency, and Russell Okung is the big-ticket name who is due to see quite a bit of interest. Don't count on re-signing J.R. Sweezy on the cheap though, and it's already being reported that the Seahawks' three-year starter at right guard is generating some buzz around the league.

It really wouldn't surprise me. There isn't exactly a glut of offensive line talent around the league right now and while Sweezy isn't the most polished or consistent player in the world, he's young, he's nasty, has stayed mostly healthy, and is very athletic. This will appeal to many teams, specifically those employing the zone blocking scheme.

We may be looking at a future compensatory pick for the loss of Sweezy in the open market. There's obvious precedent for this. Last year, after a pretty lackluster four seasons with the Seahawks (a lot of which had to do with a bad string of injuries), left guard and former Seahawks first round pick James Carpenter signed a 4 -ear, $19.1M contract with the Jets that included $7.5M guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4.775M. He played pretty well in their power-based scheme, which seemed to be a better fit for him there.

If Sweezy ends up leaving Seattle in free agency, Mark Glowinski is the obvious choice as a replacement. I'd guess that Seattle will look to low-end free agency for replacements there as well -- Lemuel Jeanpierre can play guard, for instance -- and there should be some interesting guys hitting the open market that may not fetch what Sweezy can demand. We'll see.