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Seahawks GM John Schneider talks about addressing offensive line issues

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that offensive line was an issue for the Seahawks in 2015 and despite improved play over the second half of the year, it will still be a major point of emphasis for this upcoming free agency period and NFL Draft. John Schneider spoke to reporters on Wednesday from the NFL Combine and addressed how they plan to address that this offseason.

"All the way throughout the National Football League, I think everybody is concerned about offensive line play," he said. "I think you could talk to college coaches recruiting high school kids they are concerned as well. In terms of our philosophy we are going to keep attacking it the same way we always have and Tom [Cable] does a great job, he's a great teacher. Pat Ruel is in that room too so there is a lot of experience in there and I think those guys do a great job of coaching up the position Whether or not we convert guys (from defensive line), if that's what you are asking, it really for us just depends on what the draft looks like.''

What Schneider said next was interesting.

"I think cohesion is really, when I look at offensive lines, and the really good offensive lines that I have been around, that cohesion and being able to play together moreso than the pure talent of a guy, that is really quick or super flexible or
rates specifically in an athletic manner. So to me it's about finding that right combination and having those guys who are smart and tough and reliable enough to work with coach Cable, and just work as a group in unison, and be able to work with all of the adjustments that are coming and the blitzes and the adjustments in the running game.''

If Schneider and the Seahawks are looking for cohesion -- is continuity a big priority? Because there's two guys on their starting line from last year in J.R. Sweezy and Russell Okung that are about to hit free agency. Losing two starters on your line does not promote cohesion, I wouldn't think.

So, was this a clue as to what Seattle will prioritize in free agency, or was it more of just a "coachspeak" type of general answer? That's obviously the question, and we won't know the answer until free agency kicks off in March.

Watch the rest of Schneider's presser here.