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Real in the Field Gulls: SI's Greg Bishop talks Seahawks, free agency, and Hawaiian vacations

It's a supersized episode of RitFG!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week on Real in the Field Gulls, SI's Greg Bishop comes on the podcast to talk about his 2015 article that profiled the Hawaiian trip organized by Russell Wilson following their devastating Super Bowl loss. Before that, we also talk about Cam Newton, what Kirk Cousins deserves, and how the Broncos will respond to many difficult offseason questions in their quest to repeat as champions. Later, Greg goes over some of Seattle's big offseason issues to address as well, like Michael Bennett, Bruce Irvin, and Russell Okung.

Before that though, myself and ESPN the Mag's Mina Kimes (filling in for Danny this week) talk about the Seahawks, character red flags, the scouting combine, Peyton Manning, and whether or not players actually improve over the course of their careers or if it's just the situations that get better.

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