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Madden Mondays: Will players strike?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In this episode of Madden Mondays, I discuss the potential for a player strike. I also wrap up with Super Bowl talk, and an injustice regarding the HOF election process.

For those new to this series You can play with this custom Seahawks roster featuring the best players over it's 40 year history.

If you have Madden 16 for XBox One pull up community files and go into the roster tab. Search for my gamertag WCLtRance and pick up the roster and enjoy.

Reference articles:

-- The 2011 CBA (This one is the entirety of the 2011 CBA agreed to in principle by players and owners.)

-- Labor History (This article/site will take you through the 1988 - 1993 legal entanglements that lead to free agency and other modern league rules regarding players and owners and rights)


-- The other protection offered players as a concession/protection for the implementation of the rookie wage scale was a year less in rookie deals. Giving them eligibility earlier and a chance to make more money over time.

-- I was going to comment on Cam Newton but I was unhappy with my rambling state so I cut it out.

-- This is an abridged version of the game I played. Kickoffs, punts, field goals and most replays have been removed. Runtime is 46 minutes.