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Jermaine Kearse re-signs with Seahawks for 3 years

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, so much for that report that Jermaine Kearse did not plan to return to Seattle. The former Washington Husky and Lakes High School star has re-signed with the Seahawks for three more years, sticking in his hometown instead of taking his talents elsewhere.

Turns out that reports during free agency negotiations can be ploys to gain leverage. Who knew.

Anyway, Kearse is coming off of his best season as a pro, where he caught 49 passes for 685 yards with five touchdowns. The 5th year pro has a knack for big plays in big moments -- and caught go-ahead touchdowns in the 2013 and 2014 NFC Championship Games, including the game winner that sent them to Super Bowl 49. Kearse also had a touchdown in Super Bowl 48, and nearly set up the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl 49 with a miraculous catch from his back on a deflected ball. We won't talk about what happened next, but the point is: He seems to make big plays in big games every year. The Seahawks seem to appreciate this ability.

More important, he's got good chemistry with Russell Wilson and knows the system intimately, so Seattle's offense can in theory hit the ground running with Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, and Kearse next season. This solves any issues Seattle would've had with lack of depth -- Paul Richardson is expected to come back next year, and fellow UW stars Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith could factor in.

The money will be interesting, of course, and before we know that, it's tough to judge this signing, but on the surface, I like it. Continuity in the passing game is important.