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J'Marcus Webb contract indicates Seahawks see him as starter-caliber

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks free agent tackle J'Marcus Webb, who was signed last night, got more money that some had expected. The former Raider signed on for two years and $6.25 million, and with $2.35 million guaranteed on that contract, it seems almost sure that he will not only make the roster, but probably figures in to the Seahawks' plan as a starter somewhere along the line. He's now -- pending Russell Okung's free agency tour -- the highest-paid Seattle offensive lineman.

Meantime, for comparison, veteran tackle Bradley Sowell's deal is worth just $1 million and only $200,000 is guaranteed in the form of a signing bonus. He'll have a $800,000 base salary, with $500,000 in playtime incentives. He could be cut and the Seahawks won't bat an eye, but Webb's deal makes it a lot tougher to cut bait.

Here's how the two-year deal is laid out:

2016: $2.35M cap hit, with his $1.2M base fully guaranteed.
2017: $3.3M cap hit if he plays all 16 games; $600k dead money hit if he's cut in 2017


$500k in playing bonuses ($31k per game)
$1.2M signing bonus
$600k signing bonus pro-ration per year

So, assuming Webb is in the Seahawks' plans as a starter, the next question becomes: Where?

Right now, it's pretty open for interpretation. At 6'7, 335 pounds, he has the length and size to play at left tackle and he's surely a potential competitor for the right tackle spot. He also started for the Raiders last year at guard, so he could figure in on the inside as well.

UPDATE: The team listed him as a tackle on their transaction, for what that's worth.

Regardless, I'm guessing the Seahawks aren't done on their offensive line, and will still try to sign one of Russell Okung or Donald Penn to play left tackle. They'll also attack things in the draft. It's looking a little cobbled together still with the loss of J.R. Sweezy, but I imagine there's a plan in place to fortify that offensive line position.