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Real in the Field Gulls: Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting talks NFL Draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are 25 picks away from being on the clock! With that kind of urgency, it's not too soon to have a draft expert join us on Real in the Field Gulls to talk about the 2016 draft and the prospects there within. So this week we talked to Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting, which has just released its 2016 scouting guide for $9.99. (Including Combine Athletic Scores written up by friend-of-the-show Arif Hasan.)

We talk about offensive tackles in the draft, running backs, midround targets, receivers, pass rushers, and why Thomas Rawls went undrafted in 2015 despite being a fairly decent prospect on the field.

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Big thanks as always to David Fagerholm for the excellent theme song!