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Wanted: A few more Field Gulls writers and contributors

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: I've gotten an amazing amount of interest in this and am in the process of going through all the emails from applicants this week. I will be getting back to everyone as soon as possible! Huge thanks to everyone that's reached out.


Field Gulls has always been a community-oriented website and almost all of our writers over the years have joined up on the writing team after being active in the comments or Fan Posts section of the site. With that in mind, I wanted to reach out to the community here to see if any of you have an interest in becoming more involved with the site on a daily basis.

Coffee and Cigarettes feature:

Posting a daily link-dump has been a Field Gulls tradition for the past five years since I started, and I'm looking to hand off the torch on that daily feature in order to concentrate on longer features. I'm hoping to find one or two writers that'd like to take over with this, and if those writers have ideas on how to improve it or make it more streamlined or cool, I'm definitely down for it to evolve.

Since it's a 7-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year feature, I'm thinking a team of two or three could work, and we could divvy up the days. Will need someone that is very consistent here because if I forget and post one of these even an hour or two late, I get like five emails asking where the links are! This is a hugely popular feature and I know that it's a great place for community off-topic conversation.

There is a tool that we use to "clip" website pages so the process of getting links together is pretty quick, just FYI.

Weekend Review / Week in Review style column

A lot can happen in a week and I wanted to get a regular Saturday feature going forward that breaks down and talks about the previous week's happenings in the NFL, while looking forward to what's coming up. It can be pretty short with just major news or NFL Calendar stuff handled, or could even be a bullet-point style piece. Perhaps a short section would be included that highlights the major articles from Field Gulls the previous week, for those of you that may have been busy during the week and missed a piece or two.

The NFL calendar is so packed, there's always news with rival NFC West teams, and the Seahawks do enough stuff every week, that I don't think it would ever be an issue to have enough content here. During the season, this would be also function as a review of the injury report and a quick look forward to game-day.

News and transactions writers

Kenneth, Thomas, John, and I are usually the ones that grab breaking news, transactions, and miscellaneous NFL stuff, but if you're in the know on Seahawks football and NFL-related stuff, I'm looking for one or two more people that could help with the day-to-day NFL fodder. Ideally you're in front of a computer during the day and can grab something quickly if it comes up on twitter. We won't tell your boss.

Fanshot and Facebook guru

Not every piece of news is worth an article post. That said, there's a lot of funny or interesting stuff that goes on in the Seahawks' world that doesn't make it to our website. With that in mind, I'm looking for a Twitter and Facebook savvy person that scours the interwebs for every bit of Seahawks info possible to help add that element to Field Gulls.

You just saw Jon Ryan tweet something funny; you just saw a really interesting stat; you just saw a hilarious photo, or a touching story, or a minor bit of news related to the Seahawks. Most of these things may not be worth a full article here but are damn well worth sharing at the site, so what you'd do is post a FanShot at Field Gulls so FG becomes a one-stop shop for everything Seahawks. It will also make the FanShot section more relevant again.

The second part of this role would be for you to share that Fan Shot over at Facebook. One goal of mine is to have a better presence over at Facebook this year, so hit me up if you think you'd be good at this. NOTE: Social media expertise is/is going to be huge across many different industries going forward, so this would actually be pretty good experience to list on a resume, if you're into that.

Other features?

Do any of you guys and girls have any other ideas for something that's missing from the site? Pitch me on it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Unfortunately, we don't have a writer's budget to pay new contributors, but in my experience, contributing to a team site is a) fun, for those that just like the Seahawks and the community here, and b) has been a good way to get a foot into the door in the blogging world if that's your goal. I definitely do not promise anything in that regard, but we've had a few writers whose work here has helped them get picked up or published elsewhere, including Kenneth Arthur over at Sports on Earth and Rolling Stone, Zach Whitman over at Rotoworld/NBC Sports, Rob Davies over at, and Davis Hsu is regularly a guest on local radio.

So, whether you're just looking to make it a hobby or get more involved in the sports-blogging world, we're looking for some new writers and contributors, so hit me up at DannyKellyNFL at with a note. Ideally you'd include some writing samples.

Go Hawks.