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NFL Fantasy Football 2016: The Sonic Truth Dynasty Podcast, Episode 3 - "Ben Watson in the Natural History Museum"

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

A Buzzard writes in and Matt has a moment of real time clarity -- forcing the show down an unplanned path where the Sonic Truth duo spreads analytic wealth over the NFL tight end landscape.

-- Corey Coleman: he had his pro-day and his stock couldn't be higher.

-- Austin Hooper & Ben Braunecker: 2 rookie tight ends to keep an eye on.

-- Will Tye: The beneficiary of a Jermichael Finley type redux.

-- Richard Rodgers: somewhere out there he is probably STILL running his combine 40 yard dash.

-- Zach Miller, Virgil Green, Dion Sims, Lance Kendricks, Niles Paul and Ryan Griffin: "Best Value Tight Ends"

-- Ladarius Green: San Diego should be ashamed of themselves, and Big Ben just got a serious weapon up the seam.

-- Ben Watson: Yet to be validated, but Matt claims to have seen Ben at the Natural History Museum (as an artifact) with his daughter just the other day.

-- Josh Hill: His name comes up.

-- Coby Fleener: High hopes of big time production, along with a handful of comments on his cosmetically enhanced (probably) beauty.

-- Martellus Bennett: It's sexy to say, "I am a New England Patriot... unless you are at best the 4th option in a crowded passing game".

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