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Seahawks interested in free agent linebacker Karlos Dansby, per report

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have shown interest in free agent linebacker Karlos Dansby, reports Mike Jureki. Seattle hasn't done a whole lot in outside free agency as of yet, but now that the big-splash period of time has passed, the secondary market is due to heat up. A veteran player like Dansby, who was recently cut by the Browns, is exactly the type of player that you'd expect the Seahawks to take a look at.

As Cincy Jungle points out, Dansby now wants to play for a Super Bowl contender, and his resume is highly impressive.

Dansby was the Browns' leading tackler in 2015, registering 108 combined tackles, 6 passes defensed, 3 interceptions, 2 touchdowns and 2 forced fumbles. Dansby has spent time with with the CardinalsDolphins and Browns during his 12 year career in the NFL. During that time he's racked up 1,208 tackles, 41 sacks, 69 passes defensed, 19 interceptions, 6 touchdowns and 18 forced fumbles. Per, Dansby is the only active player with at least 40 career sacks and 15 interceptions.

There is one issue, obviously, with the Seahawks' rumored interest in Dansby -- it's projecting him to Seattle's 4-3 scheme. Brock Huard talked about the possibility of the Seahawks adding Dansby in free agency the other day, and didn't seem sold on the schematic fit:

Karlos Dansby is a 3-4 inside linebacker and the Seahawks are a 4-3 front. But, I love him. I wish he could be here. He is a Seahawk. Certain players — I've talked to scouts about this --€” and we talked to Daniel Jeremiah about the "Ravens' Way," he was a scout there, there are just Ravens players -- you go to games, "oh, yep, that's a Ravens' player," I try to do this every time I'm on a campus somewhere, "that's a Seahawks player."

Karlos Dansby is a Seahawks player. He is so smart, he is so instinctive. He is to the ball, he is all about the ball. He was a real force when Arizona gave you a really tough time (in 2013), in fact the first team to beat you in your own building a couple of years ago, but unfortunately Karlos Dansby is a 3-4 inside linebacker. As much as I would love him, as much as he would add depth and veteran savvy that that linebacking corps needs, he's not a SAM, he's not an on-ball player, you've got Bobby and you've got KJ, and I don't think financially you'll have room for Karlos Dansby.

Dansby was an All-Pro in 2013, and is 34 years old. The obvious question, as Huard points out, would be: Where would the Seahawks see him playing?

The most likely scenario would be to project him in at the SAM linebacker spot that is now vacated by Bruce Irvin. But in under fronts that the Seahawks run, he'd be on the line of scrimmage and setting an edge, which isn't really how he'd been used all these years. In in a over front, though, he'd play more off the ball and be used to drop into coverage more, so that's a possible fit. He really could probably play any of the three positions in the 4-3, but obviously it's a question of money and playing time, because Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright are going to play tons of snaps.

Something to monitor going forward...