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Mock Draft 2016: Todd McShay mocks a couple of Alabama players Seattle's way

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Todd McShay just released his latest mock draft and this version comes after free agency, which means it has the potential to be slightly more accurate. In it, McShay sent a couple of Alabama Crimson Tide players to Seattle.

26. A'Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama

Robinson could last a little longer than expected due to his inconsistent motor and lower-body stiffness. But Robinson's raw ability is undeniable, and he appears unblockable at times. Plus, he comes with great durability, playing in all 43 games during his Alabama career. Any team that takes him in the first round will placing a large bet on its defensive line coach's ability to maximize Robinson's unique skill set.

Seattle certainly will be looking at the deep and talented class of interior linemen at the 26th spot but I wonder if they'll use that capital on a primarily run-plugging prospect like Robinson. He's definitely got upside, and may develop as an interior rusher, but with the ability they've had to find veteran players along the interior the first pick might be better-used for a guy on the offensive line or a guy that can rush the passer.

On the other hand, Pete Carroll loves him some run defense.

He also loves running the football, and McShay mocks Derrick Henry to Seattle with their 2nd round pick.

56. Seattle Seahawks: Derrick Henry, RB, Seattle Seahawks

This is a straight-line explosive back, and you see it on tape. Henry has a ridiculous size-speed combo, running a 4.54 40 at 247 pounds. His game is really about getting downhill. He's a bulldozer when he gets going.

If Henry lasts this long you have to believe the Seahawks will consider it. He's a pretty unique player with ridiculous size and speed, but are they going to use another 2nd round pick on an offensive skill player? I have the feeling this would be a controversial pick even though Henry's projected to be a first-rounder by a lot of people.