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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Wednesday

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Aloha! Thank you for all the positive feedback in regards to yesterdays write up. It was a lot of fun and created some good dialogue about what type of players the Hawks might look for, and where we'd want them as far as draft value. While I can't create a write up for every day, I will be making them more of a regular thing here on C&C. It was suggested yesterday that I look into FB Dan Vitale out of Northwestern, which I will, but again I am very open to any other suggestions. As a result of our the time difference, this posts at 1:00 AM my time, so while many of you are up and commenting, I am fast asleep. So, if I don't respond to your questions or requests as quickly as you'd like, it's because haven't read them quite yet. I do read over all comments (y'all are a funny group, by the way), so know that any ideas or suggestions you have for future posts are noted eventually. Enjoy reading, hope everyone has a great day!

And the links!

Russell Wilson getting out of shape? | Cover32

Russell Wilson is one of the most finely tuned athletes in the NFL. Just try telling that to your local radio producers, though.

Brock Huard: Russell Wilson's apparent weight gain is a good thing - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
Brock Huard believes Russell Wilson will likely battle weight fluctuations throughout his career, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

With holdout possibly looming, Seahawks should give Michael Bennett a new deal - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
Michael Bennett's dissatisfaction with his contract only figures to have grown since last offseason, which points to the possibility of a holdout. The Seahawks should give him a new deal to avoid that.

Thomas Rawls deals with two deaths in his family

Last week, Thomas Rawls revealed he'd be playing the 2016 with extra motivation, and it appeared it was due to a significant loss in the family.

O-line coaches of Patriots, Seahawks attend UNC's pro day -
Some notable 2016 NFL Draft prospects worked out at pro days held last week.

John Schneider: Seahawks aren't done along their offensive line - Brady Henderson | 710 ESPN Seattle
During an interview on 'The John Clayton Show' Saturday, Seahawks general manager John Schneider gave a few reminders that Seattle still has plenty of time to add to its offensive line.

NFL mock draft (two rounds): 28th March | Seahawks Draft Blog

Time to mix things up a bit. This mock includes one trade. The Rams move from #15 to #10, giving the New York Giants the #43 pick and a late round

Seahawks' free-agent replacements

Which team has the most picks in the 2016 NFL Draft? |

Thirty days from today, the Tennessee Titans are scheduled to make the first selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. The first day of the draft, as well as much of the attention on the annual player picks, will be devoted to the first round.

Myles Jack won't hold personal pro day, likely won't run timed 40 -
There was talk two weeks ago that UCLA LB Myles Jack intended to run the 40-yard dash April 1 at a personal pro day, but NFL Media has learned that such a workout won't happen and that Jack likely won't run a 40 before the draft.

NFL Power Rankings: Free-agency hits knock Broncos out of top five - NFL -
The Broncos are still the champs but they're not even in top five in the rankings after getting picked apart in free agency. Here's who is.

Greg Hardy no longer worth the risk for any NFL team | NFL | Sporting News

Biggest remaining roster hole for all 32 NFL teams - free agency 2016
With the bulk of free agency over, NFL Nation reporters pick one position group that still needs to be addressed for every team. The Rams and Broncos have lingering questions at quarterback.

NFL releases official draft order | ProFootballTalk
With compensatory picks awarded and forfeited picks accounted for, the NFL released its official 2016 draft order on Tuesday. Compensatory picks start with pick No. 95 at the end of the third round. Compensatory picks can not be traded until next year.

All NFL players should be making at least $1 million per year | ProFootballTalk
As the NFL and its players learn more about the realities of playing pro football, it’s more important than ever that all players receive fair compensation for the risks they assume.

NFL demands retraction from New York Times over concussion report |
The NFL has demanded that the New York Times retract a story saying the league omitted concussion cases, according to a report.

Niners to keep Kaepernick unless blown away by offer -
Colin Kaepernick has been the subject of trade rumors for weeks, without anything materializing. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports the 49ers will keep him unless they are blown away by an offer.

Carroll: Jacksonville Jaguars will 'take off this year' -
The Jacksonville Jaguars have generated plenty of praise this offseason. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says it's justified, telling reporters: "I think you're going to see them take off this year."