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Russell Okung thanks Seahawks fans for time in Seattle

"Seattle is my home and will always be." - Okung

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Okung was the first draft pick of the Pete Carroll/John Schneider regime and although, now six years later, he has left for Denver in free agency, he took the time to pen a great "thank you" column for fans, which was published in the Seattle Times this morning. It chronicles his time in Seattle and shares a bunch of memories he had of his time here.

Here's an excerpt:

I'm so grateful for the relationships I've developed and the amazing people I've encountered. These are lifelong relationships I intend to keep. All of you 12s have helped me in this journey. I can't name you all, but know that you are instrumental in my life. I'm not who I am without you. While I'm off to Denver and excited for new opportunities, this will always be the place that raised me, that encouraged me, that watched me grow - and I'll never forget it or take it for granted.

This city has loved me, and I will love it back. I'll continue to do work with my nonprofit, GREATER, to bring the access and exposure of technology into underprivileged areas of Seattle. This will be my legacy, and distance will not keep me from the communities I invest in. I will continue that work.

Seattle is my home and will always be.

Check out the rest over at the Seattle Times...