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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Thursday


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Aloha! Today we will take a step back and look at the types of players the Seahawks look for at specific positions. It's no secret that every year, Seattle picks players that leave fans and draft pundits alike scratching their heads. They look for different traits than other teams do, and while overall it's been effective, there have been some swings and misses along the way. If you haven't already, I highly recommend listening to Zach Whitman talk about SPARQ and analytics with Rotoworld's Josh Norris. He outlines the athletic profile the Seahawks and other SPARQ following teams covet in players, and why some of the flashier combine stats like the 40 mean very little to those teams in regards to certain positions.

Carroll and Schneider tend to look for players with rare athleticism over classic measurables. It's why they drafted Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin, and Christine Michael. It's why they pass on players every year that I swear they would have drafted based on draft position and availability. As outlined by Rob Staton yesterday over at Seahawks Draft Blog, the Seahawks value the short shuttle above most other drills when it comes to evaluating their pass rushing Defensive Tackles. It's a good indicator of lateral agility as well as explosion and quickness in a short area.

In their Offensive Lineman, they have historically focussed on the broad jump over other drills. It is a solid indicator of the athletes lower body strength and explosiveness. That, coupled with the Seahawks requisite length of arms (they have only drafted OL with arms 33 inches or longer in the PC/JS era), gives us a solid idea as to who they may be looking at in the draft as opposed to who the draft pundits think they will try to add. There are examples of them breaking their own rules for a player they just have to have, but in general, these are the measurables they look for. It's a way of getting their scouting process down to an algorithm as opposed to it being solely subjective to who they have in their scouting department.

When you look at teams and trends, the league is all about playing copy cat. You can see the Seahawks using this to their advantage. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl with a hard hitting, BIG defensive backfield. They value length and fluid hips in their CBs, allowing them to own the redline, treating the sideline as another defender against the big and fast WRs that have become the standard in the league. Then, when teams began copying their defensive philosophies, they began drafting smaller, quicker WRs that can beat longer CBs with their ability to change direction on a dime. I remember watching those smaller WRs killing the LOB over the middle in games with the Chargers, Colts, and a Super Bowl against the Patriots that I'm not yet willing to admit ever happened.

The Seahawks use their analytics to get an edge over the current trends in the NFL. It's a way to find gems in the draft and free agency. And while it's not "Moneyball", it has allowed them to allocate resources, both in draft picks and cap space, in a way most teams don't. While every year we have seen some players walk that we wish we could keep, we've also been able to retain the nucleus of the team longer than most championship caliber teams are able to. It's the PC/JS way, and it works. We will look more into players in the coming days and weeks, I just wanted to lay down the framework for the type of players we will look at, and why. Hope everyone has a great day!

And the links!

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