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Thomas Rawls: "I'll be running soon"

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks running back situation is still a little bit up in the air -- Marshawn Lynch hasn't officially turned in his retirement papers, Thomas Rawls is coming back from surgery on his ankle, and Christine Michael is still less than completely dependable. The Draft is coming up and Seattle will likely add some depth there either with a pick or in undrafted rookie free agency, but all eyes are on Rawls as the presumptive starter for the Seahawks.

The ever-optimistic Pete Carroll recently said Rawls will be fine for the beginning of the year, but Carroll has been known to stretch the truth. That's why it was great to hear from Rawls himself, who told a Friends of Scouting luncheon on Thursday that he'll be "running soon."

This is good news. There's still about four months until training camp even kicks off so that should give Rawls plenty of time to get back up to speed so he can hit the ground running once that kicks off, pun intended.