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Matt Hasselbeck retires from NFL, set to join ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown

More Matt Hasselbeck sounds good to me.

Harry How/Getty Images

While other NFL free agents were busy trying to decide where to sign their next contract, Matt Hasselbeck made a big decision of his own. His was a little bit different than most, however. On Wednesday, the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback announced his retirement and subsequent agreement to join ESPN as part of the Sunday Countdown crew.

For Hasselbeck, it marks the end of an 18-year professional career, with ten of those years having been spent in Seattle. He retires as the current all-time passing yards leader in Seattle (29,434 yards), and having been the man to lead the franchise to its first ever Super Bowl, back in 2005 (have you heard that the Hawks were probably screwed over in that game?).

Though it will be a sad day when the NFL kicks off without Hasselbeck in uniform for the first time since 1998, he thankfully will still be very much around the game each and every week. Seahawks fans and NFL fans will be able to catch him joining Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson Charles Woodson as part of the Sunday NFL Countdown crew (replacing Mike Ditka).

Field Gulls will certainly have more on Hasselbeck's career in the coming days. But for now, congratulations on an outstanding career, Matt! Make sure you stop by to raise the 12th Man flag someday soon.