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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Chris Clemons to visit the Seahawks, could sign

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Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Former Seahawks pass rusher Chris Clemons is on his way to Seattle for a visit. Per Albert Breer, if things go well, he could sign with the Seahawks.

Clemons spent four seasons with the Seahawks from 2010 to 2013 and was their premiere pass rusher for the first three, racking up 11 sacks in each of his first three years. He fell off in 2013 and was a cap casualty, and he ended up in Jacksvonville with former Seahawks' DC Gus Bradley. Clemons had 8 sacks in 2014 and just 3 in 2015 playing a  more rotational role.

I reached out to Alfie Crow over at Big Cat Country, and here's what he had to say about Clemons' time in Jacksonville.

Chris Clemons served his purpose for what the Jaguars signed him for. He was a veteran who know what Gus Bradley wanted to do within the defensive scheme. It always known Clemons would be a bandaid type signing, but with the lack of development in Andre Branch and the injury to Dante Fowler, he was forced into being a starter once again and it's clear his play was starting to diminish. He might have a little left in the tank as a rotational option, but his time in Jacksonville had run its course.

BCC's Ryan Day had this to say about Clemons:

Clemons was signed as a stop-gap LEO pass rusher and that's exactly what he was. In 32 games with the Jaguars over two seasons, he finished with just 11 sacks, but he was a nice addition for the 2014 season with his play significantly falling off in 2015 after skipping nearly all of voluntary workouts and part of training camp. The writing was on the wall for Clemons and it was obvious it would be his last season with the team.

If he's fully healthy, Clemons could be a pretty nice rotational pass rusher (nickel downs only) type of player at this point in his career, I think, and add a little depth at a pretty thin position. With Bruce Irvin gone, Seattle will need to invest in some pass rush, and he'd be a pretty cheap, no-risk move.