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NFL Fantasy Football 2016: The Sonic Truth Dynasty Podcast, Episode 6 - "Josh Doctson old man voice"

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Sonic Truth Ep 6: Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) & Matt Kelley (@Fantasy_Mansion) challenge intractable Laquon Treadwell enthusiasts with a Josh Doctson old man voice.

  • Matt comes up with a nifty way to save the Sonic Truth Duo from spending too much extra time on things that don't deserve it.
  • Sterling Shepard is flying under the radar, but his red flags are sky high.
  • Josh Doctson is being crucified for the same things others are being absolved of.
  • Ricardo Louis comes up yet again, and even to our amazement we don't know why.
  • The Bad Michael Thomas is compared to Dez Bryant and Nate drops a historical math bomb on those fueling the propaganda.
  • Doctson vs Treadwell feels like Cooks vs Benjamin from 2014.
  • Matt has a bargain bin wide receiver that fantasy owners need to be rostering for the 2016 NFL season.

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