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Garry Gilliam on moving to left tackle and more

Gilliam states that he is planning to "handle my business" as the Seahawks' future left tackle.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos traded Ryan Clady and a seventh-round pick to the New York Jets in exchange for a fifth-round pick on Sunday. What does this have to do with the Seahawks? Well, given the relatively low return for Clady, it certainly would seem to underline some of the remarks Garry Gilliam made in an interview with Legion of 12 Radio last Friday, specifically as regards the organization's confidence in him as a legitimate left tackle for the team going forward.

"I seriously have Coach Carroll's blessing and his confidence in me," said Gilliam. He also confirmed that the team is going to try and move him to the left side of the line, where he claims that he is going to "handle my business." As of right now, Gilliam's only real competition for the starting left tackle position is journeyman Bradley Sowell, most recently of the Arizona Cardinals. It remains to be seen how the Seahawks will approach the offensive line in the draft, so it would be premature to crown Gilliam as LT just yet; we all know Pete Carroll's willingness to let camp competition dictate the ultimate roster make-up.

Gilliam admits in the interview that many people still have a "bad taste in their mouths" given the poor play of the line during the first half of last season, but regards the line as having taken great strides in their last several games, saying "if you take the second half of the season and double that, we have one of the best offensive lines."

Give the interview a listen here.